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Meet the whole team! If someone claims to be part of any of the events on this website but is not listed on this page they are NOT involved in any way!

Kristen hudgins


I have been a crafter and vendor for many years. I got tired of going to events that weren't advertised and I set out to change that!

In September of 2021 I was vending at a local craft show. There had been no shoppers for 3 hours. I started scrolling through Facebook and came across a new event venue in the area. I started talking to the owner and we made a deal.

In November 2021 I hosted my very first vendor event at Revatone Farm.

I strive to reinvent how shows are run. None of my events will be your average craft show. At every event I bring out not just vendors but also food trucks, entertainment, and activities that are fun for the whole family!

I care about my vendors, I do my best to take care of anything they may need. I ask for feedback after each event so that I can make improvements for future events.

Important People

Tim hudgins

Kristen's Husband

General operations at all events

Eva Mcdonnell

Revatone Farm Owner

General Operations at Revatone Farm events

eva mcdonnell

Eva's Daughter

General operations at Revatone Farm events



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Kristen Hudgins

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